Old scholars plough back

Former scholars of two coastal schools are making a significant difference for learners currently walking in their footsteps.

09 June 2019 | Local News

Cecilia Onesmus-Nakashole; NPS Headmaster: “It is in line with our efforts to put hygiene first…”

Narraville - Otis Finck

The Narraville Old Scholars Association (Narosa) officially started distributing funds generated by the organisation this week.

Narosa purchased and facilitated the installation of liquid soap dispensers and toilet paper dispensers in the 20 toilet facilities at Narraville Primary School (NPS). The organisation also supplied liquid soap and other cleaning material with utensils to the school. The combined value of the donation is N$27 340.

Bidvest provided the dispensers at a very reasonable price and did the installation free of charge.

Narosa chairperson Zane Jansen said the organisation saw it fitting to contribute towards the fight against hepatitis E currently experienced in the country and at the same time improve conditions at the two local schools.

“I started my educational journey at NPS 42 years ago and it feels good to plough back as a former learner. We would like to sustain this initiative and therefore need partners (parents and businesses) to donate liquid soap, toilet paper and cleaning material. In addition Narosa will focus on repairing broken toilet pots, hand wash basins and tiling the toilet facilities.”

NPS headmaster Cecilia Onesmus-Nakashole welcomed the donation.

“This means a lot for us. Learners work in groups at school and we will encourage the teachers to educate them on how to wash their hands properly. It is in line with our efforts to put hygiene first, especially due to the huge number of learners we have and the hepatitis E outbreak we are facing. Many of our learners are from disadvantaged communities, and they do not have the luxury of toilets and taps at their disposal.”

Narosa also facilitated a donation of ten 25 litre containers of paint from Hempel for De Duine.

The organisation then paid for the painting of the passages and pillars, the pillars of the school hall and staircases at the school.

The group further ensured that the school gate and damaged parts of the boundary wall were repaired. The cost of this amounted to N$26 000.

Principal Anton van Wyk said it was a proud moment for the school.

“It is encouraging that former learners from Narraville have taken a stand to improve conditions at our schools since we are struggling to secure sponsorships. The image of the school and its environment have definitely been enhanced by the gesture from the old scholars.”

Jansen said the organisation was still looking to acquire white paint to revamp the wooden frames and structures of the passages. The upgrading of the netball court is currently ongoing. This will enable the school to host matches and other schools.

“Narosa needs support and can only succeed with assistance of the community. Funds are coming in at a slow pace and the needs are many fold. Those that gave can be proud. This achievement belongs to all of them. Old scholars, teachers and those from Narraville able to contribute must come on board and bring the positive changes we want to see in our community.”

The main objectives of the association is to promote the welfare of the schools through the co-operation of former learners, in the form of scholarships, bursaries, incentives to teachers, contributions, donation and funding for identified projects.

“The success of Narosa depends on the involvement of all old scholars. Our strategy is to target 1 000 former students and teachers to donate N$100 per month to help fund the projects we have planned. The association was registered as a Section 21 company (not for gain) with the ministry of trade and industrialisation, and auditors were appointed,” concluded Jansen.

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