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Good subject marks are an essential requirement for future studies.

20 May 2019 | Education

Walvis Bay - Karl Philander

The second trimester of the year is usually the most important for senior secondary school learners.

Here are some useful study tips.

Your past doesn’t determine your future. Your previous trimester is over and you cannot go back in time to change the mistakes you made in the past. Rather use the new trimester to correct your mistakes.

Evaluate whether you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. A fixed mindset usually impacts your growth as an individual. You limit yourself and you build boundaries. If you keep telling yourself that you cannot do algebra, you won’t ever be able to do algebra. Change your mindset by stepping out of your comfort zone. Start studying more than usual and do not stop until you get your answer when solving a problem, no matter how long it takes.

Take ownership for your mistakes. Remember that when it comes to your examinations, it’s just you and your question paper. Whatever mistakes you made, you need to take ownership for it. Whichever tests you failed or will fail, take ownership for it. Once you took ownership for your mistakes, you will be able to eradicate bad habits and other causes that contributed to your failures.

Your network determines your net worth. Associating with a friendship circle that are not beneficial towards you and your school career prevents you from growing.

Get a study buddy. Form study groups and have panel discussions on topics you covered. Find a suitable, comfortable and study-friendly venue such as a library or a classroom. We all have different ways of learning. All of us also understand some subjects better than others. Sometimes learning from other people outside the classroom could do you good.

Don’t be shy around your teacher! Do not be afraid to ask your teachers to repeat a topic if you are not comfortable with the information provided. It is both your and the teacher’s task to ensure that you pass. Your teacher will not know if you understand a certain topic or not unless you indicate this.

Do not procrastinate. Once you start procrastinating on tasks and studying, you will experience a bottle-neck and that is the start of anxiety. Some prefer working under pressure, because they feel it is more effective than working at a steady pace. By avoiding procrastination you can work comfortably and stress-free.

Experiment with different study techniques. Your current study technique might not be the one for you and may be the cause of you failing endlessly. Some subjects require different study techniques. Studying while using mind maps/spider diagrams (using only key words), summarising your work into smaller bits of information, utilising mnemonic devices and composing your own sentences, song or poem are study techniques that might help you.

It is also important to ensure that you actually remember what you studied once you finished studying. Study the material beforehand using one of the above study methods and once done, find somebody to work through it with you until they understand the topic. If you somehow find it difficult to process information, go back to your note books.

Earn the break you take. Remember to balance your school life and your social life. Sacrifice what you must, but remember that you need good marks at the end of the year.

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