New street names approved


27 July 2018 | Government

Leandrea Louw

The Suburb and Street Naming Committee (SSNC) has tabled a report with considerations and recommendations on re-naming streets in Walvis Bay.

Earlier this year the Walvis Bay municipal council approved the proposal that Mermaid Street in Narraville be renamed Attie Carolissen Street and that Duiker Street be renamed Langenhoven Street. However, the Langenhoven's requested that it be the other way around as Peter Robert and Elaine Rebecca Langenhoven were the first official residents residing in Mermaid Street. Council approved that Mermaid Street will now be renamed Langenhoven Street and Duiker Street will be Attie Carolissen Street.

Approval was also granted that a street in Kuisebmond be renamed after the late Father Hermann Klein-Hitpass who passed away earlier this year.

A proposal was also made to council to rename Kruis Street in Narraville to Bron Jansen Street, but this application was revoked since such a street alreadyexists.

It was also proposed that approval be granted to rename streets in Extension 18 of Walvis Bay to Nkomo Street, Yengwayo Crescent, Mtungwa Close, Ngobeni Close, Malinga Close, Qunta Street and Langa Street as proposed by the KwaNkomo Home Owners Association.

It was also noted that streets can be renamed after living persons, since there is currently no national policy, but then it is conditional to merit and the significance of the person’s contribution to Namibia. If a street is to be named after a foreign person, the approval of cabinet is required.

According to Samson Nghilumbwa, chairperson of the management committee, the costs to change street name signs may range between N$1 200 to N$2 000 per sign, depending on the length of the name, excluding the labour costs to change the signs.

“The new street name signs for the renamed 9th Road will cost around N$20 000 and for the renamed Mermaid and Duiker Streets approximately N$12 000 each. The costs for other streets may vary depending on the length of such street and the number of intersections where signs need to be changed or erected. The anticipated costs for all the current approved street renaming signs would be around N$58 000. An amount of N$235 000 is budgeted under new traffic signs and N$360 000 where the costs of labour takes up around 40% of the budgeted amount. These budgets are not only for the street name signs, but for the maintenance and replacement of all traffic signs for the entire Walvis Bay municipal area. In effect approximately 15% of the available funds would go towards the cost of street name signs, while the rest is for road traffic signs.”

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