Neighbourhood watch can benefit Mondesa


15 October 2018 | Crime

Adolf Kaure

The community liaison officer at the Mondesa police station, constable Cliff Kaujova, says the introduction of a neighbourhood watch in Mondesa could help curb the increasing crime rate in the area.

“Neighbourhood watches are the eyes and the ears of the police. Therefore, if they stand together to find the underlying cause of the crime prone area, together with the police we will find solutions to eliminate the crime with different strategies from the neighbourhood watch groups and the police.

“Neighbourhood watches know their area and they would know where people enter in that area. They might share information that can lead to arrests and this can also save the police’s time. Instead of the police searching everyone in the community, they can concentrate on those suggested by the neighbourhood watch because they know who lives there and who doesn’t. The establishment of more neighbourhood watch groups can bring positive change in the crime statistics of the Mondesa area,” said Kaujova.

A crime statistics presentation done at the Swakopmund town hall recently as part of the town’s public meeting showed that crime is worryingly increasing in the Mondesa township.

The presentation focused on housebreaking, assault with grievous bodily harm, theft and domestic violence statistics which were reported at the Mondesa Police Station for September 2017 and 2018.

There were 15 cases of housebreaking reported in September 2017. From those 15 cases only 5 arrests were made. The total value of goods stolen was N$186 287 of which N$48 000 was recovered.

In contrast, there were 13 cases of housebreaking reported in September this year and only one arrest was made. The total value of stolen goods was N$183 240 of which N$12 199 was recovered.

In September 2017 18 cases of assault with grievous bodily harm were reported to the Mondesa police station, while only 9 arrests were made. For the same month this year seven cases of assault with grievous bodily harm were reported and no arrests were made.

In terms of theft, there were four cases opened at the Mondesa police station which led to four arrests. However, from the N$10 406 stolen in the robberies only N$200 was recovered.

Only two arrests were made from the 16 theft cases reported in September this year. From these cases the total value of stolen goods was N$11 957 of which N$296 was recovered.

In September 2017 four cases of domestic violence were reported and it led to four arrests. There were also four arrests made for domestic violence last month, however, the number of cases made increased to 11.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Swakopmund, Paulina Nashilundo, announced that the Swakopmund municipality will no longer go ahead with the installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the town due to a lack of support from the public. She urged private businesses to continue making use of them.

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