Namport hands over classrooms


11 May 2018 | Education

Leandrea Louw - The Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) officially handed over four classrooms to the Kuisebmond Project Primary School.

The four modular classrooms were built earlier this year at a cost of N$850 000. Two of the new classrooms blocks were named after the regional director of education, John Awaseb, and his deputy, Mark Jacobs. Both will be retiring soon.

The school accommodates 1 333 learners in 20 classrooms, and has 38 teachers.

Awaseb encouraged the learners and community at large to take care of the classrooms.

“This classroom block was already burgled and window frames removed. The children studying at the school are the community’s leaders of tomorrow. It is therefore imperative that the Kuisebmond community supports the school, and takes care of these facilities and guard against vandalism.”

Namport CEO and chairperson of the Namport Social Investment Fund Bisey Uirab implored the teachers, parents and broader Kuisebmond community to be present in the lives of their children and learners.

“Let’s be present and know who and what they are engaging in on a daily basis, let us be present in taking care of this infrastructure in which our children are educated in, let us be present in building a society rooted in moral and ethical principles.”

Uirab also called on parents to be role models for their children with regard to their education.

“Let’s pay attention to what our children love, let’s practice together with them what they learn at school, and let’s set time aside to talk to them, with keen interest in what they are attracted to out there in the world.”

He further challenged his industry counterparts, public and private enterprises and financing institutions to follow suit to join hands with government and address the plight of classrooms shortages in the country.

“By doing so we can completely stamp out the platoon system, which in itself has its own shortcomings, and finally ensure that come 2030, all grade 1 learners in our country will be attending morning classes and no longer have to go to school in the afternoons.”

Hafeni Ndemula, chairperson of the Erongo regional council, on behalf of the governor of the Erongo region, Cleophas Mutjivikua, emphasised that Walvis Bay is growing at a rapid rate.

“Population growth means that the current residents and those that will migrate from other regions will total 180 000 against the current 4.7% growth rate. Based on the Urban Spatial Development Framework, Walvis Bay will have to undergo a planned transformation and needs 33 primary schools, eight secondary schools, four police stations and ten clinics by 2030. However, the town might need more.”

Ndemula called on education stakeholders within the region to step in and assist the department of education department in order to tackle the issue of overcrowding of the grade 1’s.

Deputy minister of fisheries and marine resources Silvia Makgone added that the attainment of satisfactory passing rates are being negatively influenced by the overcrowding in government schools in particular at the grade 1 level.

“The industrial nature of Walvis Bay results in many Namibians flocking to the town in search of greener pastures and thus putting strain specifically on the existing educational infrastructures as well as on the local authority service delivery provision in general. Education is and should continuously be a collective effort. Some business entities prefer to not see what is happening around them. Our people are working for big rich corporate companies but they themselves are living in deplorable situations, and their children don’t have classes to attend school in.”

The minister implored the fishing, mining and tourism industries to join hands and make meaningful contributions in order to complement government’s efforts. She also called on parents to play a critical role in the education of their children.

“I urge the parents to assist the teachers in guiding and grooming these children into responsible and respectful citizens. Plant the seeds of good values, ethics and high discipline in the learners. Highly disciplined learners will always excel at school, and that will assist the teachers to produce fruitful products for the benefit of the Namibian nation.”

The Namport Social Investment Fund has to date invested more than N$25 million in different projects countrywide, of which 39% was invested in the Erongo region.

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