Matutura plots for sale

The allocation of the erven will be done to the highest qualifying bidder.

08 October 2018 | Local News

Adolf Kaure

A closed bid sale will be scheduled for the sale of 89 single residential erven in the Matutura Extension 2 and five erven available for the Matutura Extension 35, the Swakopmund town council announced recently.

According to the town council’s management committee, the closed bid sale is scheduled to take place on 26 October in terms of the local authority act 23 of 1992.

Furthermore, the management committee said that the closed bid sale would be subjected to council’s standard conditions of sale for closed bid sales as well as some amendment and conditions.

One of the conditions is with reference to the levying of penalty interest from the date of sale until date of transfer (in the case of a bank guarantee) or until date payment within the notice period (in the case of cash payment). This can be amended to be calculated from the date of being in default and not backdated from the date of sale.

The other condition states that successful bidders should be requested to provide some form of confirmation of availability of funds on the date and at the venue of the closed bid sale.

The allocation of the erven will be done to the highest qualifying bidder on the bases of 1 erf per natural person (married couples, irrespective of the marital regime are regarded as one entity).

The registration fee will be determined at N$3 000 while the payment of the registration fee entitles a person to submit five bids for different erven. Should there be erven that remain unsold at the date of the sale, such erven will be offered to the registered bidders who are present and they may then bid on a second erf. The purchase price will have to be paid within 120 calendar days from the date of sale.

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