Land set aside for Desert Rose


08 June 2018 | Local News

The management committee (MC) of the Walvis Bay munici­pal council recommended that principle ­approval be granted and 418 hectares of land along the coastline be reserved for Sand Rose Investment.

The developer intends to construct an international convention and exhibition centre with hotel facilities supported by secondary entertainment facilities, a shopping centre, office­ park, restaurants, low- and high-density accommodation, residential properties, a golf course and public beaches.

The project will consist of residential, recreational, institutional, commercial and public zonings in order to create a multi-layered network of activities supporting each other. This way the project will cater for all major levels of society - for example conventions, exhibitions, tourists, investors, general public and residents.

It will also have a high security profile park where ambassadors and international delegates can own ­residences and offices in order to represent their respective countries in Namibia.

The design and layout of the project will comply with international and presidential security protocol to ensure the safety of any high level delegation visiting the site.

According to the developer approximately 5 000 job opportunities will be created in the first five years.

The land applied for along the coastline which is located approximately 7 km from the Swakopmund bridge, is still state land and situated north of Long Beach. The municipality has applied to relevant ministries for the expansion of the town boundaries.

The statutory process for the expansion of the municipal town boundaries will however take considerable time to complete. Once this process is completed, another comprehensive report with recommendations will be compiled and submitted to council for consideration. The two ministries involved in this matter conducted a site visit. Technical committees will now proceed with the statutory process to finalise the expansion of the municipal boundaries.

According to the MC, Walvis Bay experienced significant growth over the past eight years and this is expected to continue. Government in terms of NDP5 identified Walvis Bay as the growth point of industrialisation.

The Erongo region has become one of the major transport hubs in not only the SADC region, but also in Africa and internationally. This is crucial to the location of a project. Thus the project will be supported by all four major transport groups which are very essential.

With cargo traffic to and from the port increasing on a monthly basis, the infrastructural changes are facilitating a huge shift in the logistics industry towards improved performance. One such shift is the revolution towards a multi-model industrial park. This will open up new avenues and opportunities for conferences and international events to be hosted in Walvis Bay.

The shareholders of Sand Rose Investments include prominent businessmen Desmond Amunyela, Lazarus Jacobs, Nardo Sardinha and Paulo Coimbra. The proponents of the N$8 billion Desert Rose project have been heavily criticised for the proposed plan, with some coastal residents arguing the envisioned facility would disturb the sensitive coastal environment.

The proposed site is very popular for angling, walking, swimming and private functions. It is also located within the protected Dorob National Park.

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