Council avails N$237m for capital budget

Funds have been earmarked for several projects in the 2019/2020 financial year.

06 May 2019 | Local News

Kleopas Ngwena; Management Committee; "Maintaining and improving Swakopmund’s infrastructure will continue to require significant and planned investment..."

Swakopmund - Adolf Kaure

The Swakopmund municipal council recently presented its capital budget for the 2019/2020 financial year.

The alternate chairperson of the Swakopmund municipal council’s management committee, Kleopas Ngwena, announced that numerous projects are planned with an overall cost estimated at N$237 million.

The budget includes N$97 million in multiple carry over projects form the 2018/2019 financial year and N$140 million for new capital projects planned for the 2019/2020 financial year.

“Maintaining and improving Swakopmund’s infrastructure will continue to require significant investment, considering the restrained resources available in council’s investment and current accounts. We are, however, convinced that anticipated property sale transactions will generate sufficient revenue. Together with current existing funds this can place council in a more favourable position to finance anticipated projects.”

The most funding was allocated for sewerage works (N$48.9 million), public buildings (N$45.3 million) and street upgrades and construction (N$36.6 million).

According to Ngwena, the funds allocated for sewerage works will maintain and improve sewerage related services. The new sewerage plant will remain fully operational whilst continuous maintenance is on-going at the old plant.

In terms of public buildings N$1.2 million has been allocated to purchase new gym equipment for the multipurpose centre.

N$850 000 has been allocated for the construction of an emergency shelter for fire victims.

N$30 million will go towards the construction of low cost houses.

Provisions also include funds for the planning phases of a community hall in Matutura.

“N$11,2 million is allocated towards the resurfacing of streets and roads in Swakopmund. Council supplies the required material and local small contractors (SMEs) are being appointed to provide the required labour. This concept has proven itself to be more economical and allows for the establishment of a business partnership between small contractors in the community."

Ngwena noted that the street to be resurfaced will be prioritised by council.

Council further committed itself to upgrade storm water systems, by annually availing funds for this.

Other projects which the municipal council will embark on in the 2019/2020 financial year include water related services (N$ 26.8 million), business and market malls (N$22.7 million) and the relocation of a sewerage mid-block system in Mondesa and Tamariskia (N$16.4 million).

The amount made available for water related services will be used to ensure efficient service delivery, infrastructure and construction of a new water reservoir.

The major portion of the funds made available for the business and market malls will be utilized towards completion of the SME Industrial Park on erf 4864.

Ngwena further explained the need for relocating the sewerage mid-block system in Mondesa and Tamariskia.

“The occurrence of regular sewerage blockages in Mondesa does not reflect healthy living standards and council intends to improve this for the community in this area. Frequent occurrences of blocks and flooding are a concern to council and therefore the need to reallocate the system."

Other projects budgeted for includes the provision of serviced land and future town planning (N$7.7 million), parks, gardens, Mole and pier (N$11.9 million) maintenance and the cleansing section (N$14.8 million). Funds for the formalisation of the DRC informal settlement area will come from central government.

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