Walvis Bay mayor re-elected

New chairperson for management committee

17 December 2018 | Local News

Immanuel Wilfred; Mayor of Walvis Bay,“I hold the position of mayor in the highest regard and will not be distracted by anything to the contrary.”

Leandrea Louw- Alderman Immanuel Wilfred was re-elected as the mayor of Walvis Bay, while deputy mayor Penelope Martin also retains her position as deputy mayor for 2019.

Lilo Nilenge was elected as the chairperson of the management committee. She is joined by Paulus Kauhondamwa, Saara Shailemo, Sampson Ndishoshii Nghilumbwa on the committee with Hilka Erastus as the alternate member.

Ordinary council members include Tobias Nambala, Gibson Goseb and Valencia Izaaks.

In his acceptance speech Wilfred talked sternly about people who are saying that Walvis Bay was better off during the apartheid regime. Wilfred also said that the challenges posed by the sewer system affected some residents negatively

"We acknowledged this problem and are trying to mitigate it by using trucks to pump the sewage from the problematic areas. The problem is not confined to a particular area, or the status of the people living there. Some residents would then make unjustifiable comparisons by pointing out that prior to 1994 none of this ever happened. It just so happened that a system designed more than 50 years ago without taking population growth and other factors into account would be a poor design by today’s standards, with all due respect to the engineers of that time. We are not sitting by idly. We are doing something radical about it."

Wilfred said this was evident in the form of the sewer line upgrades now being undertaken in the vicinity of Welwitschia Medical Centre.

"Our engineers are also looking at other short term solutions to alleviate problems in this regard. We were not better off during apartheid, many people suffered harm in just about every aspect of their lives. We are still battling the consequences of that system today by trying to right the wrongs of the past.”

He furthermore said he is aware of the responsibilities that come with the position and will continue on the road of progress for all.

“I hold the position of mayor in the highest regard and will not be distracted by anything to the contrary. I am deeply moved by the honour to serve as mayor of Walvis Bay for yet another term.”