Residents urged to attend public meetings

Consultation important

02 June 2019 | Energy

Benjamin Nagombe; Erongo RED; . . .inputs will form part of our tariffs proposal to the Electricity Control Board.

Walvis Bay - Leandrea Louw

Erongo RED will host public meetings to discuss proposed electricity tariffs, ongoing projects and electricity related matters.

The first meeting will be held on Monday (03 June) at 17:00 at the Kuisebmond Community Hall with the last one taking place on 18 June at 17:00 at the Arandis Community Hall.

Benjamin Nagombe, the corporate communication and marketing specialist of the regional electricity distributing company, encouraged the community to attend these meetings.

“We will share valuable information with our customers and their inputs will form part of our tariffs proposal to the Electricity Control Board (ECB). The information we gather at the meetings we add to our Electrification Master Plan.”

At the moment Erongo Red is not proposing any increase on the electricity tariffs.

“We however do need to take into account a number of factors before we make a proposed tariff increase or decrease.”

When drafting the proposed tariffs Erongo RED takes a number of factors into account. These include the current economic situation, the operating costs of the company (bulk upgrades and maintenance), along with the purchase price of electricity. The final decision on the tariffs lies with the ECB.

A Consumer Liaison Committee was established recently with representatives from towns such as Omaruru, Karibib, Usakos and Arandis.

Nangombe emphasised that regular maintenance or bulk upgrades are necessitated to keep up with the developments in the various towns.

The meetings will also serve as a platform for Erongo RED to share information on the progress of ongoing projects and educate the public on how to use electricity wisely.

Customers can also use these platforms to gain clarity on the different charges on their electricity bill.

He encouraged residents who cannot afford the 30 amp circuit breaker to downgrade to 20 amps.

“There is a tried and tested load simulator on the Erongo RED website. It shows that the average household can survive with the basic necessities turned on (lights, refrigerator, television and geyser) on a 20 amps circuit breaker. Customers can play around with the load simulator to see exactly how much electricity a certain appliance uses.”

Applications are also open for pensioners and low income households to re-register for the social tariffs on electricity. Forms will be available at the meetings as well as the Erongo RED offices.