Noisy churches warned

Disruptive practice

09 June 2019 | Local News

Illeni Shapumba; Nampol; “…we will confiscate the equipment being used in the creation of this nuisance.”

Walvis Bay

The head of community policing in the Erongo region, warrant officer Illeni Shapumba, has warned churches to stop making excessive noise.

“They must stop this practice of using and operating high volume speakers in the middle of the night or we will confiscate the equipment being used in the creation of this nuisance. The issue would lead to unnecessary tension if left unattended. Noise is a nuisance and it does not matter by whom it is produced.”

Shapumba said the police has been inundated with calls from community members lately, complaining that they cannot sleep due to noisy churches in certain areas at the coast.

Some churches are also operating from illegal structures in Kuisebmond and Mondesa.

“When members of the police approach preachers at these establishments they are quick to counter by questioning the presence of shebeens and bars. They become angry and disrespect our authority.”

Shapumba said when the police was addressing alcohol related crimes through operation Kalahari Desert they received better cooperation from shebeen owners compared to that from prophets and men of God.

“We have committees of shebeen owners fighting crime along the police but are failing to secure a committee with spiritual leaders despite several attempts.”

He explained that consent from the local authority was a prerequisite for any person to operate a place of worship.

“Any church should be housed in a proper structure and of course carry the approval of the local residents who are the targeted persons of such a service.”