No passenger vessels arriving for now

Cruise liner visits slow down

06 May 2019 | Infrastructure

The Silver Whisper (22 April) and the Viking Sun (22 April) were the last two passenger vessels to arrive in April before visits resume again in November.

Namport recently announced the Port of Walvis Bay so far enjoyed 17 visits from various passenger liners since the beginning of 2019.

The port authority said passenger vessels bring holidaymakers to the harbour town who contribute positively to the local tourism industry by spending money at local shops, and buying souvenir items from vendors specialising in local arts and crafts. The visitors also make use of the public transport system.

The provisional port log provided by Namport indicates that more than 40 passenger liners will visit the Port of Walvis Bay between 18 October 2019 and 23 March 2023.

The Albatros is expected to break the existing drought with a visit on 18 October. The vessel will be on an 86-day, one-way cruise from Bremerhaven to Monte Carlo. It will depart from Walvis Bay for Lüderitz and then sail to Cape Town where it is due to arrive on 21 October.

The 28 518-ton, 812-passenger cruise ship has 8 passenger decks and a total of 420 cabins. The vessel was dry-docked and refurbished in April 2018.

The Albatros is one of the small-sized World Cruise ships operating once per year on an ‘Around The World’ itinerary to ports in Asia, Africa and Australia.

November will see the expedition style ship Bremen (1 November), Queen Elizabeth (17 November) and Albatros (30 November) once again calling at the port of Walvis Bay.

The 6 752-ton, 164-passenger carrying Bremen, which is 111.51 m long with seven decks and 80 cabins, will arrive from Palmeira/Sal/Cape Verde and depart for Mauritius from Walvis Bay. It will visit 7 ports during the 17-day cruise.

The Bremen discovered a previously uncharted island in the Antarctic in 2003. The island was subsequently named Bremen Island in 2004.

In August 2017 the MS Bremen became the first ever cruise vessel in the world with “Polar Code” (Polar Ship Certificate), that allows it to operate in polar regions.

The Queen Elizabeth is able to carry up to 2 092 passengers. She weighs 90 901 tons, is 294 m long and has 16 decks of which 12 are accessible to passengers.

The 48 200-ton, 1 600-passenger cruise ship AIDAmira which had its maiden voyage (as MS Mistral) on July 17, 1999 is expected to make the first of eight calls over the 2019 to 2023 period on 19 December this year.

The 12-deck vessel Mein Schiff Herz will also call eight times and will do so first on 26 November 2020. The Mein Schiff Herz will be on a 14-day round trip from Cape Town as the home port. The itinerary indicates visits to Port Elizabeth and Walvis Bay as overnight stays. The vessel, with 956 staterooms (652 outside, of which 427 with balconies) has a passenger capacity of 1 912.