Miss Swakopmund Municipality crowned

Persistence pays off

17 December 2018 | Events

Nancy Garoes; Miss Swakopmund Municipality; “I will look into issues affecting our youth and host events that will expose and encourage them to start dreaming and to never limit themselves. ”

Adolf Kaure - Nancy Garoes, who was recently crowned as Miss Swakopmund Municipality, is ecstatic about her achievement.

The 28-year-old beauty explained what it meant for her to walk away with the crown.

“Winning Miss Swakopmund Municipality has been my greatest achievement as a beauty pageant contestant. I feel honoured to be the queen of most beautiful town at the coast.”

Garoes dedicated the victory to her family who she says supports her and believes in her capabilities.

She explained how she prepared for the showpiece.

”Preparing for this competition was not a hassle at all. Adequate support from the event organisers and the sponsors made Miss Swakopmund Municipality a success. My personal beauty pageant manager, Sarel Haith, also made sure that I was on point with everything.”

Garoes intends to use her title to improve her community.

“This crown put me on a platform where I always wanted to be. With assistance of Mr Swakopmund Municipality, various projects focusing on bettering our community will be initiated. I will look into issues affecting our youth, and host events that will expose and encourage them to start dreaming and to never limit themselves. With that in mind, I intend to create awareness on the benefits associated with fitness for both mind and body. This will contribute to healthy lifestyles among residents of Swakopmund.”

She further encouraged the youth, saying that their dreams are all relevant if they believe in themselves and seek divine intervention.

“I have a twin and grew up with four sisters raised by a single mother in DRC informal settlement. I'm the only one that reached tertiary education in my family, with a honours gegree in Business Administration.

“I also initiated the Nancy Fitness Club, now called Purpose Fitness Club with my partner Tuhafeni from Tuhafeni Modelling Agency. I've been an unemployed youth in Swakopmund, an intern and worked as a contract worker. I've even worked as a street sweeper but today I'm an airport assistant at Swakopmund municipality and will just keep going up.”

She says that the bottom line is where you come from does not matter.

"If you are motivated to make it, you will. All it takes is forming a personal relationship with God and allowing him to guide you.”