Launch of housing project postponed

Ceremony cancelled

09 June 2019 | Local News

Kendal Hunt; Public Relations Admin Assistant; “… resend the media invitation as soon as a new date has been confirmed.”

Elgin Brown Hammer (EBH) Namibia has cancelled the ground breaking ceremony for its Affordable Housing Initiative two days prior to the event.

Kendal Hunt Communications, which issued the invite for the occasion on behalf of EBH Namibia on 4 June, informed invitees of the postponement on Wednesday.

The communications company said that the event scheduled for Fridaywas postponed due to unavoidable logistical and stakeholder scheduling considerations which had subsequently arisen.

“We will, however, resend the media invitation as soon as a new date has been confirmed accordingly, and are looking forward to welcoming you at the housing project event in due course.”

According to the initial invite the affordable housing initiative, which was launched in 2016, reached the significant point of ground-breaking.

EBH Namibia said it understands that the creation of a stable future for both its employees and the community of Walvis Bay as a whole is an essential concern for all parties involved.

The affordable housing initiative is an embodiment of this truly worthy ideal.

The company further explained that the initiative, which is in line with Vision 2030, will empower a number of Namibian families who for the first time will have affordable homes of their very own.

This will also have a broader benefit for the Walvis Bay community and will provide a physical roof and a more sheltered economic future for many.

The company announced in 2016 that it will build 214 houses exclusively for its employees on 10 hectares of undeveloped land located in the Tutaleni suburb of Walvis Bay.

EBH Namibia said the project would cost an estimated N$100 million, with a very small profit margin.

Each employee who qualifies for a house via the initiative will receive an equivalent financial benefit due to the fact that EBH will be donating the land.

Back then the value of the land stood at an estimated N$6 to N$8 million.

Employees will be able to purchase homes directly from the developer with the assistance of bank approved loans. An EBH housing committee was established to facilitate the process.

The cheapest house is a one-bedroom house at N$340 000 and the most expensive is a three-bedroom house at between N$650 000 and N$700 000.

Oshipe Turnkey ­Projects finalised the design drawings for the Walvis Bay municipality. The project was expected to last an estimated 25 months with the developers making use of about 300 local skilled and unskilled labourers.

EBH Namibia is one of the biggest employers in the Walvis Bay marine industrial sector.

The company gained global recognition since its inception in 2006 as a privately owned world class shipyard that offers extensive dry dock capacities.

The highly efficient EBH shipyard includes 3 floating docks, 7 cranes, one 60T floating crane and fully equipped onsite workshops.