IEB top achiever hails from Swakopmund

98.9% pass rate

07 January 2019 | Education

Henry McCarthy; principal of Pro-Ed Academy; "It truly was a great team effort on the part of the teachers."

Leandrea Louw - Lara Bartholomae from Pro-Ed Academy in Swakopmund is the top grade 12 student of the Independent Examination Board (IEB) in Namibia.

Lara’s average for the 2018 IEB exams is 88.9%.

In second place is Aniké Maritz, also from Pro-Ed Academy, with an average of 82,9%.

Another learner from Pro-Ed, Marlinda Schutz, is in fourth place with an average of 82.1%.

The rest of the students in the top 10 hail from Windhoek Afrikaans Private School, Tsumeb Gymnasium and Moria Private School.

Mr Henry McCarthy, principal of Pro-Ed Academy, says he is extremely proud of the achievements of Lara, Aniké and Marlinda.

“It truly was a great team effort on the part of the teachers. Through these results we can see that our education is of the highest standard. I believe these are the best results the school achieved in its history. These learners worked very hard throughout the year and they’ve reaped the fruits from their hard work. I wish them all the best with their studies.”

He furthermore said that 84% of Pro-Ed’s students can enroll for bachelor degree studies, while the rest can study towards diplomas.

About 43% of the learners who sat for the IEB exams received marks higher than 70% and about 21% received higher than 80%.

Lara will be pursuing her studies toward actuarial sciences at the University of Stellenbosch. Her advice to her fellow grade 12s is to not postpone what can be done today.

“I’ve always been a hardworking person and prefer to complete work as soon as possible so that I can enjoy weekends and my off time. My father told me if I want to excel in something I need to practice it.”

Other top achievers include Tiyana Meyer from The Dolphin Schools in Walvis Bay with an average of 79%.

Meyer will be pursuing her studies in medicine at the University of Namibia and says careful planning and proper time management was her recipe for success.

“Don’t leave anything for tomorrow that can be done today. I’m extremely grateful to my teachers at The Dolphin Schools, our principle, Ms Ilse Palomba, and most importantly my parents who did everything in their power to ensure that I can become anything my heart desires.”

Walvis Bay Private High School (WBPHS) once again excelled in the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Higher level (NSSCH) examinations with 54 1-gradings and 70 2-gradings. Raine Young and Charlize van Zyl both achieved 5 1-gradings and a 2-grading.

Young said her recipe to success is that she worked hard during the week and relaxed on weekends.

“I ended up balancing my leadership duties with my academics to keep my school life consistent. The key to balance was to know what to procrastinate and what not to.”

She says that grade 12 is actually one of the easier years in high school, but also one of the busiest.

“The key to nailing the year is to never fall behind. In addition, social life is also important, but don't overdo it. Lastly, never try to please everyone, you only end up disappointing yourself and others.”