Henties residents take charge

Keep it clean

11 March 2019 | Local News

Herman Honeb; Hentes Bay mayor; “We want to reclaim our status as the cleanest town . . .

Otis Finck - There is definitely more than just doom and gloom on social media; the application also serves some good.

A post containing photos depicting an area strewn with litter as far as they eye can see in Henties Bay moved the municipality and residents of the coastal town into action.

Annelize Schoombe took the photos in the vicinity of the Henties Bay rubbish dump while driving on the new tarred road which runs past the town, and posted it on social media.

“This is what we see when we drive on the new tarred road. It is a main tourist road. Has nobody noticed or don’t you care? Shame on you,” Schoombe wrote.

She further challenged the community to take pliers, fix the fence and pick up the rubbish in the area.

Learners from Christelike Privaatskool, community members, Marshal Rangers and municipal officials took up the challenge last week.

A team effort resulted in the fixing of the damaged mesh fence at the rubbish dump as well as the collection of waste that was blown away by winds due to this.

Henties Bay mayor Herman Honeb welcomed the cleaning exercise and said he was glad that the dilapidated fence had been fixed.

“We want to reclaim our status as the cleanest town in SADC and also want to be the cleanest in terms of crime. The municipality is looking to establish an alternative dumpsite. Officials have already engaged the ministry of environment of tourism for a clearance certificate.”

Henties became the first Namibian town to win the South African televised “Town of the Year” competition organised by Kwela on kykNet in 2016.

The town is predominantly regarded as a tourist destination for anglers and 4x4 enthusiasts. The “Hentiesfees”, which was previously known as Visfees or Hengelfees, is by far the most important and biggest annual event in Henties Bay. Many people from all over the country and even South Africa flock to the town to join in the festivities and jolly atmosphere.