Grumpy’s fishing report

20 May 2019 | Fishing

Grumpy Gramowski • Outdoor Centre

Catches fluctuated during the past week.

Reports received from the ski boat owners and crew members were far from exciting, until they arrived at the Swakopmund Mole with some big kob.

Vierkantklip is still delivering young kob with better sized fish caught from the boats at Mile 8 and Mile 14.

Hopefully the situation will change with the arrival of the full moon which could be accompanied by better sized fish for all.

The full moon also brings with it a bigger swell. This allows the ocean to clean some sand bars and reefs which usually results in the fish moving closer to the shoreline.

Galjoen just love these conditions so anglers could be in for a good week.

Blacktail have also been caught, especially around the Jakkalsputz area and further up north at Sarah se Gat.

Pieter Hough and his father Gerrie targeted galjoen at Jakkalsputz. Huge was their excitement when Pieter got hit hard and the fight was on.

Initially thinking it was a “diklip” (Afrikaans slang for a big steenbras), they were surprised when a massive blacktail weighing an impressive 3 kg came ashore. Well done, Pieter, with your catch of a lifetime.

Murray Lewis and guide Andrew van der Westhuizen went fish hunting around Wlotzkasbaken and were rewarded with some decent galjoen.

What is even more impressive is that Murray released all the fish he caught and only kept the stats.

Fellow fishermen, if you see Murray next to the water you’re most welcome to have a chat with him. His knowledge of our coast knows no limits.

Shark catches have been reported in close proximity to Swakopmund, especially at the rocky areas like Mile 6 up to Mile 14. The odd Cape gurnard was also brought ashore along our coast. This is a delicious fish once smoked.

Until next week, tight lines.