Grumpy’s fishing report

06 May 2019 | Fishing

Outdoor Centre • Grumpy Gramowsky

It was not a bad week for anglers at all.

Bigger fish, especially kob, were caught up north at Winston, with steenbras on the hook at Maketu’s and Mile 68.

Wlotzkasbaken produced some nice pan sized 60 cm kob.

Tertius Meyer, his son Gerhard (5) and Hendrik Prinsloo went fishing in the vicinity Hobohm’s Gat. They were rewarded with some decent catches. Gerhard reeled in a galjoen.

Reports of puff adder snakes sighted at Jakkalsputz and Grys Duintjie were also received. Please be careful and don’t let the kids wander off too far from the beach, as the adders usually hide among the bush a little bit away from the shoreline.

Good shark catches were also reported. Jade Schmidt went fishing with Andrew van der Westhuizen who cast out a mackerel head and added some cutlets onto the head for extra flavour.

It did not take long before Jade’s rod started bending due to a mammoth size bronze whaler. The tussle continued for about an hour and a half before the monster was eventually landed. After a quick photo it was released unharmed.

Closer to Swakopmund, from Mile 4 to Mile 8, reports of galjoen catches came in nonstop.

Clint Barnard managed to catch two galjoen with one cast. This phenomenon is referred to as a “banana” in fishing circles. He used a double hook paternoster trace with white mussel. Well done, Clint.

By the time this report is out, the sea would have become a little bit more aggressive with waves expected to peak at 2.8 metres. This should be good for galjoen hunters.

Tight lines!