Grumpy’s fishing report

11 February 2019 | Fishing

Outdoor Centre Grumpy Gramowksy

Kob, kob and more kob was the order of the past few days.

Even better news is that the kob have been close to Swakopmund for the last week.

Mile 5, Pump Station, Draketanne, Old Mile 8, Australia (a name given to a shallow fishing area close to Mile 8’s pole), Witklippe and Mile 14 have been producing kob after kob.

Reports received indicate that one does not have to cast miles to get them hooked, with old and young, male and female, having reeled in some decent fish.

Chokka, sardines and white mussels were the best baits to use. Fish brought ashore weight between 1 to 4 kg, with the odd beast in between weighing up to 22 kg.

A lot of fish were also caught between Mile 26 and Mile 32, as well as at Jakkalsputz. Further up north, just past St Nowhere, the same size fish were caught too.

I spoke to commercial fisherman Zakkie Knuffel who confirmed they have been catching big kob from their ski boats in the vicinity of Mile 6. They have been alternating catches between snoek and kob. The snoek season is doing extremely well as it’s now already February with catches still coming in.

The sand sharks are still spawning in the shallows and with that the bigger sharks like spotted gully sharks and bronze whales are in abundant presence too. Sport fishermen target these with a strict catch and release policy. After a quick photo the behemoths of the deep are released again.

Predictions for the upcoming week are very exciting with calm seas expected. There has been a lot of seaweed north of Canopy during this week. It should subside and the fishing will definitely improve north of Cape Cross.

The experts also predict some steenbras will bite at Maketu’s Turn and in the Canopy area. Horingbaai and from Mile 68 to Mile 72 should also produce some decent kob.

Tight lines, my fellow anglers!