Grumpy’s Fishing Report

04 February 2019 | Fishing

Grumpy Gramowsky, Outdoor Centre

Calm seas and warm water definitely stopped the kob from feeding.

The good thing about the warmer water is that a lot more shad have been caught.

The question is when will the “Leervis”, also known as Garrick, start biting? We are hugely anticipating this to start happening right about this time of year.

I visited the sandbank a couple of times just south from the Mile 8 pole but without any success. Garrick usually feed on mullet and get caught with artificial lures called plugs. These fish can reach 1.5 m in length and 18.8 kg in weight. They inhabit the coastal wave zone where they form small shoals to hunt other smaller fish.

The ski boat guys have however noticed the presence of Garrick around the Mile 8 area.

The kob are still on the prowl although a little bit slower at the moment. Snoek catches have also dropped considerably.

Large numbers of smooth hounds and spotted gully sharks were also caught during the West Coast League Competition last weekend. These got targeted with mullet and mackerel. The area fished was from the pump station to Mile 14. Decent kob were also weighed in.

As I am writing this article I am looking out over the ocean and am very tempted to say that with the current conditions the fish should start biting in the Mile 72 area and also from Canopy to the Bakleigat area.

Calm conditions make for effortless fishing so the sandbar areas mentioned should produce a couple of fish.

The crayfish divers are reporting good catches as well in the near perfect conditions. Go give it a try at the Patrysberg area which is just south of the popular Vierkantklip. Remember to keep your license with you as the inspectors are around.

Closer to Henties Bay, the Black Rock area slightly to the left side if you are facing the ocean again produced kob.

Reports of blacktail and kob were also received from Wlotzkas.

The sand sharks are spawning at the moment and can be seen swimming in the shallows at Mile 8 and Mile 11. Quite a sight.

Until next week, tight lines!