Grumpy’s fishing report

10 December 2018 | Fishing

It so happened that Paaltjies finally produced some massive, magical fish.

There were reports of fish weighing right up to 19 kg being caught.

Catches at Paaltjies started slowly on Saturday 1 December and increased steadily on Sunday.

As quickly as the fish arrived, it also disappeared on Monday. It’s a known fact that Paaltjies notoriously gives fish for a couple of days and then halts for a couple of days before the fish start biting again.

During the weekend decent fish were also caught at Winston wreck, with Mile 72 and Jakkalsputz also producing huge size kob.

The international angling competition between South Africa and Namibia also took place. On Tuesday they fished at Jakkalsputz. They moved to Mile 14 on Wednesday and fished at Mile 8 on Thursday. I will report on the biggest fish and winning teams in next weekend’s report.

Mile 8 also had some nice kob, with the odd blacktail caught too during the week.

A lot of fish, mostly galjoen and kob, came out tight up to north of Terrace Bay.

Conditions for this weekend are very favourable with Paaltjies looking to be on fire again due to the strong southwesterly wind during the course of the week.

I hope everyone keeps only the allowed two fish over 80 cm as these fish come to Paaltjies to spawn. Let us leave something to catch for the next generation.

A South African angler, Dean Campbell, caught a huge kob of 18.8 kg at Jakkalsputz during the international competition.

I was lucky enough to go fishing from the ski boat Heidi, owned by the legendary angler Zakkie Knuffel, on Sunday.

We caught our allowed limit of 20 snoek each. We even got to see a lot of dolphins, as well as two jackass penguins, which are really cute.

The fishing should get better as the season warms up at the coast.

Until next weekend’s report, tight lines!