ERC launches five-year strategic plan

24 December 2018 | Government

Hafeni Ndemula; Chairperson of the Erongo regional council; “This plan provides a road-map towards our vision of being among the leaders of the progressive regions in Namibia.”

Adolf Kaure -The Erongo regional council (ERC) launched its five-year strategic plan for the period 2017/2018 to 2021/2022 at the Mondesa Multipurpose Centre in Swakopmund recently.

Speaking at the occasion, chairman of the Erongo regional council Hafeni Ndemula said that the plan was developed in line with the government’s aspirations as outlined in Vision 2030, the national development plans and the Harambee Prosperity Plan.

“The Erongo regional council was established with the key objective of planning and developing the region in a sustainable manner and for the benefit of the people. This plan provides a road-map towards our vision of being among the leaders of the progressive regions in Namibia. It is a framework through which we shall apply our resources and strengths to exploit the available opportunities and confronts any threats that may face us towards achieving our mission.”

Ndamula said that the prepared plan was built on previous experiences. It took the dynamic operating environment and challenges posed to council during the previous strategic plan into account, and includes strategic mechanisms which respond adequately to the challenges and expected changes.

He explained the key issues which the plan is set to focus on during the five-year period.

“The plan helps to manage the changes taking place in the environment. We identified key strategic issues that require intervention during the planning period. These strategic issues form the basis for the setting of strategic objectives by council for the next five years. We will thus focus on infrastructure in settlements, access to portable water and management of sewerage, financial management, fleet and machinery maintenance, revenue collection in settlement areas, storage facilities as well as sanitation facilities in rural areas and poverty during the period under review."

Ndemula said that solid partnerships and inclusivity is the cornerstone of development.

"During the formulation of this strategic plan council considered stakeholder consultation as the key priority. As indicated in the plan, consultations were conducted in the region and thought-provoking feedback was received from the stakeholders on the grassroots level.

“Much of what we achieved in recent years has been because of partnerships and bringing key stakeholders and parties to work together for a common goal. The Erongo Regional Council 2017/2018 to 2021/2022 Strategic Plan also reinstate a commitment to the sustainable development in the region through economic progression, social transformation and good governance.”

Ndemula also urged all to take pride in the achievements of the regional council and said he was look forward to bring the best of what council has to offer in order to better the future to the region, communities and the country. Bottom of Form