Connecting Namibia to SADC

06 May 2019 | Infrastructure

The Walvis Bay-Ndola-Lubumbashi Development Corridor (WBNLDC) is the busiest of the three corridors connecting Walvis Bay with countries in the SADC region in respect to transit cargo.

The Trans-Kunene Corridor follows in second and the Trans-Kalahari Corridor (TKC) in third position.

Approximately 1,150 million tonne-kilometres (TKM) of freight were transported along the WBNLDC in 2017. This amount increased with 39.2 percent from 826.1 million TKM transported in 2016.

The comparative volumes for Trans-Cunene were 54.1 million TKM in 2017 up from 50.5 million TKM in 2016 while the TKC experienced a decrease of -7.3% from 20.5 million TKM in 2016 to 19.0 million TKM in 2017. No data was available for the Trans-Oranje Corridor.

Save for relatively short sections with climbing lines, all four international transport corridors are single lanes in each direction. There are also no toll roads on the entire length of each corridor on the Namibian side. - Namibia Annual State of Logistics Report 2018