Actor locked up at SPCA

13 July 2018 | Society

Leandrea Louw

Stefan Ludik, Namibian musician, television personality and actor, will be locked up at the Walvis Bay SPCA in a bid to raise some much needed funds for the organisation.

His initial lock-up date is set at 8 August and he will remain in custody until enough funds are raised for his 'bail' to be posted.

Lorraine Maritz, secretary of the Walvis Bay SPCA, said that the original idea came from Attie Strydom.

“In South Africa they had a lock and bail fundraiser, where they ‘locked up’ the kennel master in one of the kennels for 24 hours. For the duration of the lock-up they raised money for his ‘bail’ which amounted to almost N$5000.”

“They told us about the idea and we decided to take it a step further and that’s how Stefan got involved. He is an animal lover and is assisting us tremendously with this project."

The idea is that Stefan will be landing in Walvis Bay on the morning of 8 August. At about 13:30 he will arrive at the SPCA in a traffic car with sirens blaring. He will be locked up in one of the kennels, where at about 14:00 the mayor of Walvis Bay, Immanuel Wilfred, will give Stefan a dog to keep him company in the kennel. A different dog will join Stefan in the kennel every hour.

“People can already start making donations towards Stefan’s bail money. The money can be directly transferred to the SPCA bank account or they can just contact the SPCA. Our target is to raise N$50 000. Regular updates are posted on our Facebook page, on how the fundraising is going. We also extended an invitation to schools to help raise funds and then hand it over personally to Stefan at about 15:00.”

Stefan will be sleeping in the kennel for the night, where the Walvis Bay SPCA committee will finally set him free at about 10:00. “At the same juncture we’ll also announce how much money was raised.”

The entire community of Walvis Bay is encouraged to assist the Walvis Bay SPCA in this cause.