A single mother’s plea

Do your duty

10 June 2019 | Opinion

Madam X; Single Mother; “Father’s Day should serve as a stark reminder to these type of men that they have an obligation.”

It takes a lot to raise a child and requires twice as much effort to do it on your own, says a single mother.

Miss X (not her real name) reminded fathers who abandoned their children that they have a legitimate responsibility to fulfill.

“Their absence is lamentable and Father’s Day should serve as a stark reminder to these type of men that they have an obligation towards their children. There is more to being a father than just paying a support grant which has to be forced from them at times.”

Miss X says the willingness of a father to support the mother in raising his child cannot be measured in money.

“The fact is that your child is growing up without your moral support and fatherly supervision. This cannot be replaced or repaired at a later stage.”

The single mother adds that she has given up fighting to legally obtain financial support for her now 8-year-old daughter.

“Her father sometimes contributed financially at intervals and not willingly. The magistrates’ court is also not a very welcoming environment for single mothers and their cause. It feels awkward to approach the magistrate for help.”

According toMiss X fathers come up with all types of excuses which are swallowed easily by the court.

“The situation is also aggravated by the fact that some of the ‘new’ girlfriends and wives are insecure with regard to previous relationships. Some fathers, on the other hand, want to take advantage of single mothers due to the fact that they are paying child support. The word of a father carries weight when it comes to discipline and when he is not present, something lacks. Children need a father figure.”

She reminds runaway fathers and those who have abandoned their kids that their children should be their pride and joy.

“Rather use this Father’s Day as an opportunity to right the wrongs against your children made in the past.”