Die uitslae van die Rössing-marathon wat vanjaar vir die eerste keer op die Vineta-­Noordveld gehou is:

Die marathon 42,2 kilometer:

Mans ope: 1. Paulus Iyambo (2:19:30,29), 2. Reonard Namupala (2:22:31,17), 3. Simon Shipingana (2:23:17,39).


Reën en gerugte van reën en riviere wat loop en gerugte van riviere wat loop, het nou die ganse land op hol. Alles wonderlike nuus ná die angel van die droogte van die vorige seisoen.


Otis Finck

The spokesperson for a group of striking fishermen in Walvis Bay, Mathew Lungameni, criticised a report recently published in a daily newspaper which stated they are striking for an increase in salaries.


Otis Finck

A manpower analysis exercise concluded that after having ceased certain bulk and break bulk operations such as uneconomical cargo handling operations, Namport does not require the services of casual labourers any longer.


A group of ecologists from the USA, Scotland and Israel may have finally unravelled the mystery behind fairy circles.

These patches of barren soil that dot the grassy desert plains of Namibia have long been one of nature's greatest mysteries.

16 February – Thursday

High 06:44

Low 12:41

High 18:59

Low 00:44

17 February – Friday

High 07:21

Low 13:21

High 19:41

Low 01:25

18 February – Saturday

The municipality plans to upgrade a number of roads in Swakopmund over the next few months.


The first few weeks of this year started off with a bang for the students of the Private School Swakopmund (PSS). The yearly orientation week for the grade 8's, including a talent show and sleepover at the end, gave the newcomers a taste of what it is like to be a part of the 'big school'.


Ek het met kommer kennis geneem van die gruwelstropery van die Namibiese hengelvisse. Naby Walvis was dit ‘n paar ton kolsterte (waaronder baie kleintjies), roofvangste deur vistermanne by Horingbaai en selfs skibote wat die bron in die omgewing van die wrak van die Winston gaan looi het.

The schools sport season commenced with various inter-house athletic competitions hosted over the past weekend.



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